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Febrile Infant Guidelines

There were some recent guidelines published in Pediatrics by the AAP for febrile neonates.  The ConeHealth pediatric team has put together these guidelines and joined with a multicenter trial to implement them (REVISE).  I have attached the algorithms. 


There is no flow sheet for newborns from 0-7 days.  Should these infants who are younger than 7 days have a fever, hypothermia or other concerns for infection, we should obtain all cultures and give antibiotics and be admitted, (cbc, blood culture, ua, urine cx, and LP, and CSF culture).  According to the new guidelines, now some patients will not need an LP in well appearing children greater than 21 days old.  There are various smart phrases listed should you decide not to do an LP and why.  


Also listed on these PDF files are the antibiotics guidelines for the various groups:

Management of Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

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