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Changes coming to ABEM certification process

Beginning in spring 2021, ABEM-certified physicians will be able to meet continuing certification requirements by completing 4 MyEMCert modules (online and open book, approximately 50 questions each) instead of taking the ConCert Exam. The switch to MyEMCert will emphasize relevant content, save emergency physicians time and money, and better accommodate their busy schedule. ABEM will no longer offer ConCert after 2022.

Starting in 2021, ABEM will move to a 5-year certification period for physicians when they next recertify. Specifically, any certificate awarded or renewed in 2021 and after will be for a 5-year duration. It’s important to note the move from a 10-year to 5-year certification length will not increase total requirements or increase the cost to stay certified. This change is in response to physician requests to use MyEMCert to recertify sooner. By moving to a 5-year certification period, physicians will now be able to use MyEMCert to recertify starting in 2021.

As physicians move to a 5-year certification period, ABEM will also move to an annual fee structure. We recognize this change affects physicians differently based on where they are in their current continuing certification process. ABEM has set a cap on fees paid by physicians so no physician will pay more than $1,400 to renew their certification. This approach levels the costs associated with certification. ABEM has identified physicians who have exceeded this fee cap and will issue a refund. Please note: Refunds apply only to fees paid for successful completion of the ConCert Exam and LLSA tests; they will not apply to fees paid for retaking exams or tests or for any late fees.

So what does it all mean?

  • Certification with be for 5 years with annual dues of $280 a year. All required tests/activities will be included (no additional fees)

  • LLSA will be replaced by the MyEMCert exams

  • In addition to the MyEMCert exams, you will still be required to complete one Practice Improvement Activity every 5 years

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